CCS Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, disability, military status, national origin or any other characteristic protected under federal, state, or applicable local law.

CCS Inc. takes great care while evaluating, accessing a resume and credentials of the Prospective Employee/Consultants for the requirements.

Hiring Staff at CCS Inc. undergoes One Day Technical Training Session on New Technologies emerging in the market to keep them updated with demand. This help Client's of CCS Inc. for smooth transition of the requirement and in turn assists the clients hiring managers/staff to find the well presented resume of good SME/TME resources on behalf of CCS Inc.

CCS Inc. Follows the below rigorous approach prior to submitting the profile to it Clients:

Requirement Breakdown: Once requirements are handed over to CCS Inc. the hiring staff reviews the requirements and creates a matrix of what is being requested and what are the areas of emphasis for the client from the requirement .

Match Analysis: With the assistances of the Matrix and Mandatory Skills required it does a search for the right candidate within the pool of SME/TME resources.

Technical Screening: Once the right resources are identified hiring staff schedule a phone screening followed by In-Person Interview

Phone Screening: In this process our hiring staff talks with the resources to gather all his information and match is against the requirement and give them the background of the requirement.

In Person Interview: We will share our company history, culture and employment expectations with our candidates. Additionally, an in-depth evaluation is conducted to assess a candidate's personal/professional requirements, career goals and job qualifications necessary to meet CCS Inc. Standard.

Computer Based Tests: Our Clients require Computer Based Tests recognized in the Industry as Standards to evaluate the resources technical acumen.

Referral Checks: Each Resource MUST provide a minimum of 2 references from the current and previous project. The references can be of their Peers, Supervisors, Managers, and Business Users from those Organizations the resources are associated in the past. We call the references to gather the Professional/Personal Information.

Others: Our clients often require our employees/consultants to take other tests (drug screening, background check, etc.) prior to commencing work. Such tests are performed prior to start of an assignment and the results are shared with resources and clients.